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We can help you with everything you could possibly need to nail your graduate applications and be completely prepared for the transition from student to graduate.



We have different services for every need. From workshops held in person, or the same content delivered online, an eCourse to work through at your own pace! We even have monthly masterclasses to give you further information about grad applications and preparation for your graduate year. 

Finally we can offer assistance creating your graduate applications from scratch OR reviewing the documents you have already created.

If this ALL sounds like something you'd like to join in on, our coaching package allows access to all of these things at a massively discounted price and also includes year long coaching and access to us whenever you need!


For one low price, we will give you every piece of information you could possibly need and more to nail your applications. You will have access to all of our workshops, webinars, masterclasses and online eCourse as well as full creation of all of your graduate applications and as many interview practices as you need.

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Learn everything you could possibly need to know and more about creating the perfect graduate application in our webinar OR in person courses. These 5 hour events will teach you about creating your cover letter and resume, specific to each job description. We will also cover interviews of all shapes and sizes

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Our resume services are designed with your needs in mind. Grab either a complete creation in which we will work with you to create a totally personalise resume for the job of your dreams, or you can send us one you have already created and we will review it against the job description to ensure its completely perfect

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Join us on the first Monday of every month to delve deeper into the needs of your grad applications as well as tackling the transition from student to graduate! From the importance of understanding the impact of social media on your applications to the process of registering with AHPRA

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We offer a variety of interview practice options including a DIY video interview session, a one on one panel interview practice session and an all inclusive online and panel interview, all inclusive of real time feedback and utilising grad interview questions from the last 12 months

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