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The Well Shift is here to support you on your journey from Student to Graduate Nurse and/or Midwife by educating you on the "need to knows" in regards to Graduate Applications. Running educational workshops aimed at fully preparing you for your applications and a one-on-one resume service where we help create the perfect resume, just for you! 

We will also be running some support services for Graduate Nurses and Midwives starting out their career, including online debrief sessions and grad retreats as well as assistance in creating your postgraduate applications.

With over 2000 students utilising our services over the past 3 years and with incredible feedback from our workshops and an *amazing* success  rate Australia wide, we look forward to helping more students and grads in 2022.



How can we help you on your journey?

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Come along to either our in person or webinar workshops which will take you through the application process, building your application, interviews, and how to stand out! 
We also provide all the *food* and that's definitely worth mentioning 


Our resume service offers either a full creation package where we work with you to create a fully peronsonalised application or our review service we we give your work a second set of eyes. Both of which will be checked against the job you are applying for

Resume Service

If you are the kind of person who prefers to work through content in your own time, then we have an eCourse available which will walk you through the step by step process of creating your application and nailing your interviews


This is a total coaching package - it includes access to our webinars and in person courses as well as our eCourse, we will work with you to create all of your applications and coach you through all of your interviews. We will also touch base with monthly calls

Coaching Package



Based Australia Wide!

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